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C2SV is an annual celebration of Music and Technology
held each September in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Local Music Showcase

The C2SV Local Music Showcase at Cafe Stritch will provide a peek into the diverse array of young indie bands coming out of the South Bay—proving that in a region better known for cover bands and DJs spinning Top 40, there are still plenty of musicians pushing themselves to create new and interesting tunes.

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SoFA Street Fair

The first SoFA Street Fair was held in 1992, to celebrate the emergence of a new community — a neighborhood of galleries, coffee shops, nightclubs and small retail — that stood as a stark contrast to the expensively “redeveloped” downtown just blocks away. After a 10-year hiatus, the reupholstered SoFA Street Fair returns to celebrate the local community in music, art, theater, and design.

Three outdoor stages will present dozens of performances throughout the day. Arts and Music venues will be open to the public, and even non-traditional spaces like martial arts studios, hotels, and newspaper offices will showcase additional talent. And it will all be FREE, as it was in 1992.

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The C2SV Technology Conference features visionaries, entrepreneurs, authors and educators who are making a difference in our rapidly changing, technology-driven world. Space exploration, augmented reality, social media, digital convergence, the sharing economy, wearable computing and other hot topics will be discussed.

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